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    Cant connect to the inernet for over a  month now and everyone is ignoring me


      I cant connect to the internet for over a month now(Yung Status po ng modem ay Connecting lang po lagi). I have a 1 year subscription and im paying them regularly every month. Sa Globe Valencia City located sa NVM Mall po ako nag pa connect.I ask their technician to visit our house to fix our modem. I waited for 2 weeks but no one came. So i go to their office here in valencia city to ask for help but instead they told me to get a reference number first from their customer care service hotline. So i called their service hotline and told me they will fix my connection on january 30, 2014. I waited but no technician came. Then they told me again to wait on february 4, 2014 beause they already gave a Job Order to their technician to fix my modem but again, no one came. So i contacted them again and they told me that their technician will fix it on February 5, 2014. Until now, no one came and i guess no one really cares if they fix my problem or not. i already ask for help from their technicians, ask for help from their office, ask for help from their customer care hotline, but no one really came to our house to fix my problem. I really dont know where to ask for help because everyone here is ignoring me. Please help!!!