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    high ping


      I am having a high ping on online games whenever i watch online videos or download. This haven't happened before when my line is still 2mbps, i currently upgraded to 3mbps and the speed is 2.2mbps+.


      Any possible cause for this?

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          What type of internet service did you have sir? Have you tried to report it to Globe hotline for them to check your account or technician visit if needed?

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            they will not care about the ping even if you call them about it, as long as you are getting good download and upload speed. One possible reason would be hindi kaya ng line mo and 3mbps dahil sa distance niya from the DSLAM to your house, though it should be resolved pag try nilang re profile ang line pero try mo lang asked kung kaya ng tech support yun kung may tools sila para dun, pero king wala parin...


                Login to the modem look for your dsl status and click on retrain, it helps me with my garena game.

            or else downgrade your service.

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                Kaya nga ang sabi ko sir sau is call them with the concern of Modem Defective. Tell them that your modem is not capable of 3Mbps speed and/or if you recieve the speed mentioned the modem increases its buff size so, the ping get higher

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