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    Super Unli (P599) Billed Twice For The Last Seven Months


      My super unli (P599) was billed twice for the last 7 months (cutoff August 5, 2013 up to present February 5, 2014).  I requested GLOBE to correct their system defect every month thru their hotline 7301000; but no action on their part was made up to now.  Can you imagine GLOBE being unable to resolve their system issue despite my repeated requests for the last 7 months?.  I even sent an email to their [email protected] but still no action.  Any suggestion on what I should do next to resolve this issue?  Do I need to communicate to their top executives to file my complaint?  Your feedback is highly appreciated.  Many Thanks..

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          rcp728 This is the network modernization's fault. If you're getting P599 reversals monthly, your bill should hopefully still reflect the right balance. I've repeatedly reported something like this in the past to 211 (ever since the modernization hullabaloo) and system automatically makes the credit adjustments in the bill. Still hoping for a "cleaner" bill next time around.