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    my email to globe and their response published for all to read


      Date: Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 6:02 PM
      Subject: Re: Case ID #3095070| GLOBE Customer Inquiry-Postpaid After-Sales
      To: [email protected]




      Dear JC

      The information you need are as follows:

      · Name: Roberto Mxxxxx

      · Mobile Number: 091770222XX

      · Account Number: 559216xx

      · Plan Details:

      o Plan:

      • BlackBerry Unli Surf Combo 1799

      o Combos:
      • Freebie A (10 mins call and 200 SMS to Globe and TM) x2
      • Freebie B (5 mins call and 25 SMS to other networks)
      • Freebie I (Free BBMax - Unlimited BlackBerry surfing)
      My issue is :


      I am disappointed.

      I know this plan is fairly outdated because it is not available in the new globe.com.ph website at all (please see pic 1). The mySuperPlan itself only offers Freebies A-E with additional boosters that are added on top of any monthly bill.


      I have been using this particular plan almost 4 years now and have never once had any problems regarding my data usage, considering the whole purpose of it was that it was stated unlimited. To the point that I even double checked with the Sales Representative that I would indeed HAVE unlimited capabilities and to ensure that, ontop of unli surf, BBMax was added on as a freebie to make sure that everything would be unlimited. There is even a 1200 consumable as a backup if ever needed for me to fall on. 

      HOWEVER, just yesterday I received an SMS from Globe saying "hello, your data usage for today has reached 1GB. To maintain quality service for all Globe mobile data users, we're now shifting you to 2G browsing speed. You'll enjoy normal browsing speed again after midnight. Please be guided by our Fair Use Policy, which you can read about at www.globe.com.ph/surf/fup"

      I use my smartphone as my everyday device be it browsing, emailing, twitter, skype calling, streaming radio from another country, youtubing etc all for personal use. In other words, my smart phone is my pc. Even with the BBOS7, mobile hotspot has allowed me to connect my laptop using my phones connection. I have spoken to your Customer Service 211 hotline number regarding this same issue reference number 53055780. My phone is a 3G capable phone, unlike the iphone blackberry z10 that has LTE capability yet you render it useless if limited to 2G browsing speeds



      Now my plan will be expiring on 07/05/2014 00:00:00 and if this will be the new policy from globe, as a courtesy before deciding to switch providers, what alternatives do you have to offer for unlimited data using my phone without compromising speeds?




      Roberto Mxxxxx


      GLOBES REPLY ......

      [email protected]

      Feb 5 (3 days ago)

      to me

      Dear Mr. Mxxxxx,


      Thank you for raising your concern. Our apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

      Please be informed that Globe Postpaid subscribers subscribed to any of the data plans or promos affected by the Fair Use Policy will experience slow internet connection at 64 kbps once the maximum volume capacity of 1GB is reached. Normal internet connection will resume at 12:01 am following day.


      The Fair Use Policy protects the heavy data users, and ensures that everyone enjoys quality browing experience.


      Our network is a shared resource used by all Globe subscribers. We want to protect the experience of the 97% of our base against the 3% who take up more than their fair share of our network bandwidth.


      Subscribers that hit the Fair Use Policy threshold typically a) use peer-to-peer applications to download large files, b) use their mobile phone as a personal hotspot or c) stream videos heavily on a daily basis. Activities like these use up a majority of our network bandwidth, affecting others.


      We'd like to assure you that your line or your mobile internet service will not be cut when you reach the 1GB/day or 3GB/month threshold. Your internet speed will simply slow down to 2G to ensure that others can also enjoy our shared resource.


      If you reach the 1GB/day threshold, your speed will go back to normal at midnight. If you reach the 3GB/month threshold, your speed will go back to normal at the start of the next month.


      Should you need further assistance, you may reach us through any of the following channels:


      Web: [email protected]

      Talk2GLOBE Chat: http://www.globe.com.ph/talk2globe

      Globe Facebook Fan Page: http://facebook.com/globeph

      @talk2GLOBE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/talk2globe


      Roaming Hotline: +6327301212 - toll-free using a Globe postpaid mobile phone number or *131*6327301212# using a Globe prepaid mobile phone number (regular roaming rates shall apply)


      Or through our hotline: 211 (toll-free via Globe mobile, min. load balance of Php 7.50 for prepaid) or (02) 730-1000 (toll-free via any Globe landline nationwide, toll-free within Metro Manila using other landline network carrier). Regular rates will apply using other landline network carrier outside Metro Manila.




      Rowen Jabulin

      Globe Customer Service


      Apologies to everyone for the long post, however I am at a loss for words... I read everywhere how everyone is using  the unlimited LTE... but here I am only using a 3G capable  phone because thats what  I signed up for.  Completely unfair  isnt  it? that im paying for 1799  monthly  but limited to 2G speeds after reaching my 3GB limit?? Someone from globe can explain to me why this is a good thing for me. It is constantly mentioned that globe is following the same practice as other companies throughout the world however in the USA, lets use AT&T as an example  this would have never happened because telcos honour their contracts, only new subscribers are hit with data caps and throttling.
      Can anyone provide a answer?