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    LTE trouble


      I applied a postpaid line with LTE Sim card for my Sony Xperia z1C6903 phone bought from MOA Sony store and I can find Globe LTE signals but can not be registered. z1 supports LTE bands 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 20 including band 3 as of 1800MHz. Anyone may help me?

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          Are you using a new sim that has LTE on it or the regular blue sim that says 128XL? If you are using the later sim go back to the GBC and ask for an LTE enabled sim. I had the same problem when I first requested for a LTE enabled sim, the previous customer relation gave me an ordinary sim (pre-cut to micro). Then when I used it I can find LTE signal but apparently I can't register even GSM signals. So I went back to the store show the sim that I got luckily one agent told me that the one that I have is only an ordinary sim and LTE won't work even it was already active. So he made a request to change me sim card that bore the logo LTE. After 15-30 minutes it was already active.