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    Wrong Plan and LTE not activated!


      I had a previous issue on the delivery of my Note3  and with the help of this community, the issue was resolved.

      I am hoping that someone can help me again because I am so upset that I am thinking of not paying my bill anymore.

      I have the phone anyway and after putting me under so much stress, I am at the verge of calling it quits.


      I renewed my 2499 subscription last December 10.  I was previously under the UNLISURF COMBO 2499 and I was supposed to renew under  mySUPERPLAN 2499 with unlimited internet.  I agreed in a 30-month lock-in period to get the Note3 so I can use the LTE.


      On January 10, I called to activate my nano sim and my new subscription.  To my surprise, they have not activated my new plan and my sim.  They were able to eventually activate my sim but they said they cannot make any changes in my plan until the next billing period.  Angry and frustrated, I agreed to wait for the next billing period.  They opened a new order for me to move to mySUPERPLAN 2499 on February 10.  During my discussion with them I repeatedly verified if LTE will be activated by then, and all the representatives I spoke with guaranteed that my NOTE3 is LTE ready and I will definitely get it with my new service.


      I called on February 10 to ensure that  the new plan will be activated.  I was no longer surprised when they told me that it was still pending on that date.  They told me that they will escalate the issue so they can complete the order. Again, I reiterated that I want the mySUPERPLAN 2499 with because I want the LTE.  What good is a Note3 if I do not have that feature.


      I called again today and I was informed that I am still under my old plan - UNLISURF COMBO 2499. And what's worst, I was informed that LTE needs to be activated upon activation of the sim.  And since my sim was not activated without activating the LTE, I need to go to a globe service center to get a new sim.  Oh no you don't, you are not going to ask me to go there!  Activate it on your end without any effort on mine.  It was your mess, don't expect be to be involved in correcting it.  I have put in a lot of effort already, do something about it.  You can deliver an ACTIVATED sim on my doorstep if you really need me to use a new sim because I am sick and tired of calling to activate a service that is supposed to be active already.


      I am only in my second month  in the 30 month lock-in period,  I am sorry but I will not pay the bill any further if you do not fix this.