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    8MB Plan Inquries


      I would like to inquire lang , Kasi Meron akong friend na naka 8MB plan rin , The download speed he is getting (Torrent) is 900KBps to 1.2MBps , As for me , i am only Getting about 820~850KBps and hindi ito sa Layo ng Exchange kasi , Mas malayo ang Exchange niya , 250Meters away lang ako s exchange , siya about 400 Meters siya from Exchange. Naka CAT 6 cables ata siya , unsure lang ako if it is sa RJ cables niya or sa Physical Line niya outside papunta sa Exchange, Would it help to change my RJ45 and RJ42 Cables to CAT 6 din

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          Yung friend mo is getting a good signal. for an 8MB plan the maximum download could reach to 1Mbps.

          Maraming factors din why young file download speed mo doesn't match sa subscribed speed mo.


          Pwede mo e traceroute young website na dinadownloadan mo ng file . The file download speed varies from the number of hops from where ang server naka locate. dami ring nag se-seeding sa same file. pedeng  your server na dinadowload mo is located sa russia...lol.


          At least your getting 80% of the subscribed speed you have a good connection. If your getting less than 80%. tawagan mo na globe

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              It is P2P kasi..  Baka naman your friend is Using Fiber while you are in VDSL only. May chances na ganito and I wonder if the CAT6 Cables were used by Globe or used by his home network


              I prefer going to the nearest Computer hardware show like CD-R King or Octagon and ask for a Cat6 for maximum and optimized performance