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      @Hi Globe/Support Team,


      How much time do I need to wait for you to STOP automatic payments??!! until my contract ends??
      You merely advised me that my case has been escalated to your Support Group BUT i have not heard anything from you/them!!!!!

      Your Supervisor JHO (from my 6th call) told me he'll call for an update within the day (which was yesterday 2-10-14) but was not happened..

      Is that the customer service you are proud of??

      My bank had confirmed that YOU-Globe continuously drafted my credit card..(I hope you'll stop it this month FEB2014 since you have confirmed that my acct is now under manual payment which is again otherwise). PLEASE (for customer service sake) FIX your system OR cancel my acct without termination fee(php2047.50 estimated) coz you're not keeping your commitment.. I've been a good/loyal paying customer, I have two accounts with y'all and y'all enjoying drafting one of my accounts causing me overdraft fees!!! I don't think that MR. CEO ERNEST CU would like and proud about this. Are you MR.CEO CU??? Your company said:


      Happiest employees, customers, shareholders. --- I am but a poor helpless customer all I can do is to WAIT and pay overdraft fees bec of your hi-tech improved system looting's my credit card (i guess)..

      ref# 51099318 - cancel autodebit

      Here's my Timeline:

      1- aug 16 2013 - cancel of autodebit

      2- aug 18 2013 - docs

      3- nov 13 2013 - cancel of autodebit

      4- jan 30 2014 - cancel of autodebit support team

      5- feb 03 2014 - cancel of autodebit - rep: Precy emp# ztcm2075

      6- feb 10 2014 - cancel of autodebit - sup JHO

      7- feb 11 2014 - status of req support group, ref#, termination inquiry - rep saica

      See how long this has been going on?? we're in a non stop loop...


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          Hi grinbox1... I would suggest that you write a formal letter to Globe revoking your authorization to charge your account at least 3 business days before the next payment due date.


          It is important that you have that letter received formally by having a proof of receipt either through a signed copy if delivered personally or a registry receipt if done through registered mail.


          Have the received copy also sent to your credit card company as proof of your notice so you can dispute charges after the said date.


          The above holds true if your contract does not bind you to autocharging due to a free device availed of with your plan and a condition for such an approval.

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            I was able to cancel mine when I went to a globe center in our area. Sad part is that they photocopied my credit card both front and back. This is a risk and when I confirmed it with my bank I immediately terminated the card. I'm not sure if my card termination stopped it or the fact that I went to Globe Personally. But anyways the autobill stopped and I'm paying my bills manually online. Its a pain when there is a problem with your bill and you have no choice but to pay it. BTW I paid 100 for my card replacement and I'm only 2 months in my contract when I did this.