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    Show incoming number on failure message


      Following on from my thread here:


      Re: International roaming


      I have a suggestion to Globe. It's actually great that you send messages to notify us when a call has failed to connect ("Incoming call was not possible"). I have used a number of networks in several countries and I've never seen this before:




      What would be absolutely fantastic is if the message could tell you from which number the call had failed to come. This information is presumably in the system unless the caller has "Send caller ID" options deactivated in their phone, so the network systems should have this information. I was told by a Globe customer services agent that they cannot find this information for me since for the message that I received because the "do not have the means", which maybe related to privacy rules, but since the information is normally broadcast with the incoming call, it should be straight forward enough to have the automated system that sends the message to also send that number.