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    Consumers Rights - Nadaya nga ba tayo?


      Just saw this post from another forum and itong ad na ito eh nasa isang newspaper..Nadaya nga ba talaga tayo?9n9h.jpg

      I don't know kung de-delete ng mods ito..pero hindi naman ito foul itong post ko

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          I say, yes, pero good luck with trying to report it.

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            ano na po ang nangyari sa complaints natin sa NTC?

            about sa meeting last wednesday?

            Nga Nga na ba tayo guys??

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                My personal opinion


                Well, considering pricing + international policies, meron nga naman talaga basehan ang Globe. Kung tutuusin, cheap nga yung 999 na 3GB a month before throttle compared sa US ($30 2GB a month before you get billed on some networks). Ang akin lang, OK sige, gusto niyo gayahin US, go lang. Pero bigyan mo parin ako ng eat all you can 3G/4G/LTE. Sa US/UK Nasa $50-$70 yun, depending on Network. So pahingi ng Plan 1999-Plan2500 na eat all you can data.


                Ang naging problema kasi kaya mahirap mag complain sa NTC is may international precedent. May mga ganitong practices na nageexist in the world. So fine, sige, 999 ay throttled. Pero I still want an unthrottled option. Looking at the offers, yung 5GB a day sa LTE tattoo parang pwedeng pwede na din. Yun lang eh up to March 21 2014 siya unlimited. Baka FUP change narin after nun.

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                the thing is, when we signed up for it, unlimited data and no bandwidth cap was promised. Sa ibang bansa, they have a choice whether they're willing to spend that much money for a specific plan.


                Besides, once they reach the threshold, correct me if i'm wrong but i was told na they won't be kicked off to 2g speeds. 3g parin, slower rate lang. hindi 2g.

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                    I think I find it fair if Globe offers some generous Daily Allocation plan. Since people are reeling from the loss of "true unlimited" service. I think 5GB / day is reasonable for a basic P999 considering we have LTE technology already and it will eat up quick.


                    Then give option to existing subscribers some amnesty to cancel their plans at no pre-termination or continue at an incentive. Since Globe altered the terms of their Internet Service.