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    Signal Booster


      hi guys.

      ask ko lang kung meron kayong solution sa issue ko about sa signal na narereceive ko,

      I am living in pasig, meron naman pong 4g signal. problem is mejo malalaki ang bahay ng kapit bahay namin, ang because of that mejo mahina ang signal na nakukuha ko, mejo mahina din ang 3g,

      meron ba kayong alam na way para mapataas yung signal ko, like signal boosters na sticker? or maybe DIY na signal booster, yung parang antenna? or any work around para mejo tumaas ang signal sa area ko,

      ang bagal kasi ng net eh.

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          Assuming that your problem is the big structures around you and not the cellsite signal propagation then your best recourse is to build a bigger and taller structure than your neighbors.


          There are ways where you can legally boost your signal reception like installing an external antenna but you may have a problem on how to connect the antenna to your device as most devices do not have provisions for its input. The effect of signal booster stickers are quite controversial and debatable as I personally have tested it and do not find any significant improvements in the reception.


          The easiest and the most practical way is to survey your house and check where the reception would be best and surf from that area. In our place, a matter of 3 or 4 steps matter a lot.


          Good luck.

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              thanks for the response,

              I am quite frustrated na kasi sa speed ng internet ko,

              nahihiya na ako sa gf ko,

              normally kasi uuwe kami ng daling araw. roughly 4:00 am,

              ok naman ang speed ng connection nya,

              pero pag normal hours. like between 4:00 pm - 11:00 PM

              grabe halos parang walang connection.

              ni hindi mag load yung facebook.

              either 4g or 3g connection pareho.

              wala na akong maisip na alternative, hayysssss.