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    trouble with new plan after paying the pay off fee


      Can someone help me! I can't understand why globe doesn't give their best service to their subscriber!


      I payed PAY OFF FEE of my previous plan which is mysupersurf plan under plan 1799 with s3 last aug. 4 2013 after that I switch to BEST EVER PLAN 1799 with s4 with 30 moths lock up period (s4 is free). To my surprise after a month, my generated bill was still the continuation of my previous bill. And not also that the amount of the amortization of my previous phone s3  which is P625 was also indicated and added to my current bill which is I already payed and I assumed that it shouldn't be there since I already payed it. I called it to the globe hotline but then they just kept saying that they will do corresponding action regarding to my concern. But why is it till now I still see that 625 in my bill which I payed! Its really annoying! Could anyone resolve this!