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      Hi, good day, my mom applied for a phone plan 1299 here in sorsogon globe center, the customer service gave us a 3 day guarantee that we will received the nokia 1320 since the unit was out of stock, the application was approved but it has been 2 weeks and 3 days now, still we did not received any calls from globe. We came back yesterday to update the application still it is not available. My neighbor already received their nokia 1320 that is why we came back again since we applied earlier than them. I really need my phone this coming weekend. Hoping for your immediate help. Thank You!!



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          obiwankenobi customer related concern po sya, yung store or hotline lang makakatulong sa inyo. I suggest kulitin mo yung Store baka kc na overlook yung application mo or reservation ng handset.

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            I have the same experience.  I applied for re contracting since January 6 and until now after 6 customer agents I have spoken to, my handset has not been delivered yet.  They are all like robots.  6 persons saying the same spiel.  "Phone is not available.. i will escalate your concern to our support team.. wait for 24-28 hrs for the delivery.. blah blah blah blah".  SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

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              Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures.


              I understand your frustration.


              During your first request, did the Creature from the Recontracting Dept tell you that unit is available?


              Anyway, I definitely recommend that you ask the agent to send your request to any Globe Store near you.


              Or you may visit any Globe Store and ask them how can they further help in your concern.


              Have a wonderful day!

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                  it was not available but they said it will be in 3 days, it has been 2weeks now, I feel like they are not concern about their customers, we came back every 5 days to check, but still no unit, but my neighbor already received it within 5 days. How was that possible? when we applied and approved earlier than them. I received no calls or emails from them, they only do promises but cant make them true.