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      Hi, let me share this, I went to GBC(MARKET-MARKET) last Dec 03,2013 knowing that it will be faster to get an approval rather than online application. Since then I never got any update(phone call or email) I am very disappointed with the service, so I called globe and raised this issue, I was told that my application in Market- Market is not showing on their system(probably my application has been escalated to the HEAD OFFICE) so I decided to continue my online application instead, I revised my order for the reason that iPhone 4s is no longer available for plan.. EVERYDAY I make a follow up and was told that our HR DEPARMENT(for verification process) contact number is not active or they got a busy tone every time they tried. But when I went to HR to asked about this they told me that GLOBE SUPPORT never called them for verification. I am really pissed off.




      My online application was started since SEPT 09 2013**was called twice by the globe rep, since then no update received**




      My personal application in GBC Market-Market (TAGUIG): DEC. 03. 2013**no update since then, went to market2 twice and was told that the application was on the HEADOFFICE.




      Revised on FEB 09,2014
      **NEVER GOT A PHONE CALL FROM GLOBE REP. TO GIVE ME AN UPDATE, I have to make a follow up everyday for this.**




      I submitted the requirements they needed. I just need an update. it is very easy to say if my application has been DENIED or REJECTED. 




      What else do you need? What should I do to expedite this??HELP




      Ref. number: 40633103