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    skype unli promos


      how to register to unli skype

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          how to register o unli skype

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              Hi! The use of Skype with free subscription depends on your data connection or internet. Once your mobile is connected to the internet thru wifi, you can use skype - unlimited. Or if you have data subscription in your mobile thru your service provider, you can turn on your mobile data and start using skype. Note that skype offers free service and paid service. To use skype download the app in App Store or Play Store.


              For further info on how to use skype, visit skype.com


              For Globe promos in bundles: http://www.globe.com.ph/surf/plans/lifestylebundles

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              Ely Vallez

              Hi nhojermar, I dont know a promo for unli skype, but are you reffering to Supersurf instead? After subscribing to SUpersurf then you can access skype as long as you want


              SuperSurf lets customers have mobile internet access using their Globe mobile phone or their Globe Tattoo broadband USB stick. Duration of mobile internet access depends on the validity of the SuperSurf promo. ( this is a all day access on the internet but subject for Fair Use Policy)

              You may register by dialing *143#