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    pocket wifi issue


      good pm, i just want to ask a few questions regarding pocket wifi, since i was new with this wifi plan.firstly, i am expecting that monthly they should send the bill at our home,but i don't know what the reason three months i haven't received any bills from them ,secondly, then after 2 days when i receive the bill statement my pocket wifi was disconnected..my question is 1. Will they disconnect my connection even i'm a plan user? its not my fault because the bill statement arrived at our house 3 months succeeding billing so i don't have a my time time to immediately pay the bill..2. If i will pay the bill, are they automatically reconnect my connection ?  that's all and thanks in advance i  just want some clarification about what happen..

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          Hi jomjaeden. In the normal course of business, Globe would send out your monthly billing statement through their authorized courier service and you are supposed to receive it at least 10 days before payment due date. Failure to settle after 2 succeeding billing statements or exceeding your allotted credit limit may cause your account to be suspended and therefore temporarily disconnected. You would have to settle your outstanding bill and Globe may even charge you a reconnection fee (which used to be Php 150.00... just not sure how much now).


          However, since you claim that you did not receive your statements for three months, then you can demand to have your line reconnected immediately without incurring any reconnection fees. The beauty of Globe's courier service is that they are required to let the recipient sign if the statements have been received unlike if sent by email where Globe assumes without proof that email sent is email received. Therefore, you can let Globe check if your statements have been delivered to you (date received and person who received it) as stronger evidence in your case.

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            expect to receive delayed bills if you are on paper billing. nangyari na sakin dati yan.

            as a consumer, we dont want to pay for something na hindi natin alam ang price. like for example. going to a store. paying an amount without ever knowing the actual price of the item that you want to purchase.

            however; as a responsible customer, alam natin na naka plan tayo, we need to be responsible and take the initiative of calling the customer service to know our balances. i know it's time consuming, but it is what it is. That's the reason why I enrolled myself on online billing. hindi na ako umaasa sa paper bills nila as it is always late.



            now on your end. what you can do is call the customer service, Ask them to reconnect your line, as stated above, no charge, kasi 100 PHP yun. since three months of bill yan. mejo malaki yan. good for you if you can pay it as a whole. if not, then settle or have a promise to pay agreement. they will reconnect your line within 2 hours, but make sure to pay the agreed dates.


            we are not living on a perfect world. let's do the initiative by ourselves.