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    Charged for 5S and Early Termination WITHOUT availing


      Dear Globe,


      I am at my wit's end.


      I have been a loyal subscriber for almost 9 years now and ended my last contract of 30 months last December 2013. I opted to recontract for another 24 months with an iphone 5s with cash-out. The phone delivery (for pick-up at UP Technohub) got delayed several times until I can no longer bear it and cancelled the whole deal which means: I did NOTget the phone and did NOT sign up for another 24 months.


      Here comes bill no. 102 and I saw a surprise: I was charged 8,571.43 for an iphone 5S gold AND 22,022.92 for early termination.


      I was still sane at this point because the agents I talked to on the phone ssured me that the charges will be reverted because I did not get the phone in the first place. They created cases and promised to follow it up so that the charges will disappear when the next bill arrives.


      Here comes bill no. 103 and SURPRISE!!....the P35,719.48 worth of "past due"  appeared. This is when the insanity started.


      I called...and called.....and called.


      As of Feb.18, 2014, I have called NINE times and the issue is still NOT RESOLVED.


      There was a partial adjustment done on the system to remove the "early termination charges" but a text message I received said I still owe globe P9,553.81 for the iphone 5S which I DID NOT GET. How's that for efficient?


      I have been a really nice customer every time I call the hotline and I have never shouted nor acted rudely on any of the agents....but I am about to. NOBODY HAS BEEN ABLE TO HELP. They keep saying the same spiels about "escalating it to another department" and to 'wait 24 to 48 hours for feedback" but no feedback has arrived.


      This is a simple matter of REMOVING CHARGES FROM A BILL BECAUSE THE CUSTOMER DID NOT GET THE PHONE AND DID NOT AVAIL OF THE RENEWAL. It baffles me why a simple matter such as this seems to be very difficult for Globe to handle.


      I will call again today...my 10th call.....to ask for feedback. I will be nice to the agent and will listen again to the spiel about him/her escalating it to the "support department"--this department I believe, is manned by stupid idiots who surf Facebook all day long and don't act on escalations promptly.


      I will then wait for bill no. 104....and if I still see these charges reflected, I will call to DISCONNECT my line and then post this letter on all the public forums just to let Globe know how utterly disgusted I am with their customer service.


      Thank You.


      PS: My account number is 40801839