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    iphone 5s plan


      if im going to avail iphone 5s with plan 499 and 30 months to pay.

      if i calculated it correctly. my monthly bill will be 1232/month. is that right? with no additional expenses? 

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          Hi JeremyGuiab... If we are to base it on http://www.globe.com.ph/iphone5s/offers then you are right assuming that you get approved to charge the cashout amount of Php 21,990 to your bill. Otherwise, the mentioned cashout may be charged to a Globe accredited credit card at 0% interest.


          I just do not know if this plan is still available or if it is, then the inclusions of the consumables are not stated.


          If we are to base it on the Best Ever Plan 499 and 30 months to pay, then your total monthly would be Php 1,245.66 again assuming that the cashout would be charged to your bill. In most cases however, the cashout is settled independently of your plan either by paying the whole amount one time or by staggered basis through your credit card. The Plan 499 has a monthly consumable amount of Php 900 of which Php 250/month is deducted for the iphone 5s with a net of Php 650 consumable amount/month which you can allot for combos or other call/texts/surfing usage. Boosters are not included.