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    globe tricked customer?


      do you think that globe is violating our right and contradicted to their contract that our plan downspeed up to 7.2 mbps, but 2G speed CANT reach up to 7.2 mbps ( which stated in their plan) . They issue FUP without conduct servey from customer, and we cant do anything since most of us are binded by their lock period. which i believe they are violate our right.

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          The FUP that Globe is implementing is NOT the FUP that the NTC nor the Department of Justice's  have defined in its memorandum concerning unlimited internet subscriptions which Globe "removed" from the existing subscribers. It would be understandable if they did not offer this to new subscribers but to remove it from "loyal" subscribers without their consent may be a breach in our Agreements.


          How we wish that Globe would follow the other telco's move to honor their past agreements.