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    Globe extends free FB until April 25. Good or bad news?


      "Globe Telecom is extending free Facebook access to all its users until April 25, 2014. The network announced the promo extension via SMS notifications and through its official social media accounts."


      Some people are blaming this free FB promo as one of the reasons why paying Globe users are experiencing crappy data connection even with that controversial FUP already in placed. Your thoughts?

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          It's nice that Globe is offering these free services (which has been extended at least twice) but the timing is ALL WRONG specially for those who pay for unlimited internet.


          The move of Globe to limit the usage of 4g and 3g (through the implementation of FUP) giving NETWORK CONGESTION as an excuse does not sit well as Globe is actually GUILTY of adding to this congestion regardless of whether this added minimally as what they are claiming... the point is, it still ADDS to the congestion which they are trying to address.


          From the Unlimited subscribers point of view, it seems that this was a premediated move to justify what they are to do to cover the move not to invest more for network and infrastructure expansion which is the most logical way to address the issue.

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              Or probably they're doing this to pacify the public?


              This free Facebook promo is very successful especially to those who are not registered to any data plans but are still active in the social network. It's also a very good marketing strategy to tease those from the other telcos to switch networks.


              But as far as FUP and the paying unlimited Globe internet subscribers are concerned, this is unfair.

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              iniisip ko kung bakit magkakaroon ng free FB ang Globe.

              First is to attract customers diba, pero inisip ko din na as a telco alam ng globe kung ano talaga ang nag cacause ng congestion. pero bakit tuloy pa din sila sa pag provide ng free FB.


              eto second na naisip ko, probably, merong agreement ang globe at facebook, as we all know, meron ng mga advertisements ang facebook diba? sa maybe, FB is paying globe for them to provide free FB to non post paid customers. At possible din na mas malaki ang kinikita ni globe sa ganitong transaction with FB,

              just my 2 cents.