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    Is this for Real?


      To: The Loyalty Department



                        Last Thursday February 27, a certain Jean Perez from your Department (as what she told me) called to offer me my Loyalty Reward being a subscriber of Globe Broadband Bundle since August of 2007. She told me that I can upgrade my current plan of 995 pesos per month broadband bundle to 1095 per month so that my Internet Connection speed would become 2mbps from the current 3..kbps
      something. I readily agreed, as it would cost me only an additional 100pesos per month there is also another 6mos discount in my monthly payment she added.

                        Before she hung-up, she also told me that it will only take 24 hours from your end to make/implement this speed of  2Mbps upgrade concerning my current Internet Connection.

                        This is already March 2, 3 days had passed but still the speed of my Internet Connection is still the same.

                        Is their really a certain Jean Perez in your Department and/or what she had told and offered me is for REAL?


      Your loyal subscriber,




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        • Re: Is this for Real?

          Hi jjarder! There are indeed promos being offered to certain customers. However, your concern might not be answered here in the Community as it is account-specific. I'd like to recommend to kindly contact our support by sending a message through www.globe.com.ph/talk2globenow or tweet our online specialists at http://www.twitter.com/talk2globe


          In this regard, I will now close this thread. Thank you.