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    0.00kbps download speed every 15 mins?


      While registered to SUPERSURF, why does my download speed go down to 0.00 kbps every 15 mins or so? When that happens all websites I try to load would show "No data received" errors except for Facebook. Facebook loads very fast even though other sites say I have no connection and every internet-based applications I work with just gets disconnected. Although the download speed would return to normal after a few minutes, it is still very inconvenient and annoying. I have 100% signal strength in my area so I don't understand. A lot of people not only me experience this kind of problem. There are a lot of similar complaints in your Facebook page www.facebook.com/GlobeTattoo.

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          Gail .

          Have you tried calling the HL for further checking of your account? You can raise this one to them so they can also do further checking since you said that its not only you which have the same issue.

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            Virtually the same problem here on maybe 100 or so tries: No more data throughput, ping 100% loss or no host found after being connected between 5 and 30 minutes with excellent signal strength and HSDPA. I just can't confirm that facebook works because I don't use it. It can't be timeout because I always have applications running which send/receive some data.

            Also sometimes signal strength drops from excellent to no HSDPA-connection even though mobile phone was not moved.


            I have never used a worse Internet Service Provider before than Globe

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              Hi! This can be caused by a faulty router on a network that is currently experiencing high-number of connections.


              Not the speed or the quality of the router. but due to p2p or heavy multi-connection downloading like using IDM, This could make that router have that error.

              Although It should not happen, but we cannot do anything with it.