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    my galaxy s4 has been stolen by someone.


      my phone has been stolen. it  was a 4 month old postpaid plan free handset at plan 1799, i have been paying for gadget care 299 for 3 months but i forfeited it at its fourth month not knowing that my phone would be stolen, i secured a police statement and reported it to globe and they only replaced the sim. is it really how it's being settled? just change the sim are they not going to replace the phone? not even reconsidering my previous gadget care subscription?

      and if ever they will not replace my unit, am i still going to pay the lost or should i say stolen phone even if it's already declared lost or being authenticated by the police that it was really stolen? or im just going to pay the plan im subscribed to, i mean the service not the phone?

      so for instance, (my 1799 is composed of 999 for unlisurf and etc) the payment im going to pay is just 999? something like that?

      pls i really need your immediate response...

      any response would be highly appreciated