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    im a 4 month old customer or subscriber of globe in their postpaid plans what is a cash out?


      may i ask for your help regarding my concern, after a sudden lost of my 4 month old s4 at plan 1799 i  want to avail another plan, i saw a plan for blackberry z10 free at plan 999,no cash out but if it was availed at plan 499 it has a cash out which is 6100. what does this mean? how was the plan 999 of z10 differ from the 499? is cash out only paid once? or monthly? how much do i have to pay monthly if i am to avail a plan of z10 at plan 499?

      immediate response pls, im going to apply tomorrow,

      thank you again in advance guys, you're answers to my past questions were really helpful, thanks a lot...