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    iMessage charge


      I just sent an imessage to a friend from Melbourne Australia and my wifi is on so I was surprised to see that the color of my text bubble is green when it should be blue. I am so worried right now cause I might have huge charges on my bill. do you know how much they charge for it? Thanks. Appreciate the help.

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          ..meaning you will be charge of regular SMS, and the rate for SMS to international networks is 10.00/text message (160 characters).


          You can try to troubleshoot your device to refresh and connect again to your wifi, here are some troubleshooting:

          *1st make sure that iMessage in settings is turned ON.

          *Reset- turning off device for about 15-30 secs., then turn on.

          *Soft Reset-press the home button and sleep/wake button (power button) simultaneously, then wait for the apple logo to appear then release, your device will restart.

          *Reset Network Settings- just go to settings>general>reset>reset network settings.(just to remind you that all saved wifi connections will be deleted)

          *Sim and Phone Swapping- if you have other iPhone you can transfer your sim, then if you have other globe simcard try to insert to your iPhone, in that way you can isolate the problem.


          *Hope it helps

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            Gail .

            Hi loginname Just another point of view, as far as I know, iMessage is FREE texting over WIFI or using your CELLULAR DATA. Its a feature of iPhones, iPad for the people who really loves texting. See for the screenshot below.




            Or you can even visit this site for further details



            So if you're worried regarding your Top-on the bill charges, you really don't have to worry. Your wifi is ON that's is why the color of the sms became GREEN. You would only have INTERNATIONAL CHARGES if you will be sending REGULAR SMS to numbers based in Melbourne as you mentioned earlier.


            Hope this one cuts-off your confusion and worries.

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              Hi loginname, you can turn off the 'Send as SMS' setting so when your iMessage fails to send it won't automatically send it as an SMS.


              2014-03-09 09.17.06.png

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                For future reference, you may use this link: http://chasms.com/iphone/ios7/ios7.htm

                I hope it help.

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                  Hi there, When you send iMessage (considering your wifi is on) and the other device do not have data or connected to wifi, the other person may not able to receive your message as iMessage. So when the color of the you message you sent is GREEN (Blue for a successful iMessage sent) it means it was sent via regular or international text as per your case. So you will be charge international text rate or count against your plan.