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    Customer Experience with a Live Chat Agent


      I am normally very satisfied with Globe's Customer Service - be it over the phone, the technicians or live chat. Today, however, I had a terrible experience with one of the Live Chat agents, named Eric.

      The first time I launched the live chat window, Eric was unresponsive for over 5 minutes. I buzzed another 5 minutes after, and another after another 5 minutes. I ended the session and started a new one. He was responsive this time. BUT I had other questions that he kept answering with the same spiel over and over which was not even related to my question. As I was getting ready to close the session with a final question, he delivered his closing script and ended the session himself. Before I could get the transcript, the window had already refreshed and went to the option to launch a new session. I didn't get the ticket number. I'm not sure where I should direct my feedback about the very poor customer experience so I'm posting it here. I'd hate for someone like him to ruin Globe's fantastic customer service. Thanks!