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    network data


      How to get signal from my mobile data

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          What is the exact unit of your phone?

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            For what device are you asking? Is it for broadband mobile stick or mobile phone?

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              First step is to turn your device ON and make sure that you have enabled mobile data.

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                Gail .

                Just turn on the data services/data tranceiver in your phone/device. Make sure that there is no outage or network problem (congestion) for you to have good internet/data signal. If your device is Blackberry OS 7 below, you have to register first to any BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) to have any internet signal

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                  Hi [email protected] . Since you did not mention the specific handset model of your phone, you may try the following settings and check what is applicable to your handset:


                  For iOS Settings                                                                                     For Android OS


                  Go to Settings                                                                                         Go to Settings

                  Cellular                                                                                                    More Settings

                  Slide Cellular Data                                                                                    Mobile Network

                  Slide Enable 3G/LTE                                                                                Enable use packet data

                  Cellular Data Network                                                                                Select Access Point Name

                  Enter the APN: http.globe.com.ph                                                              Enter the APN: http.globe.com.ph


                  For BB OS 7 and below                                                                             For BB OS 10


                  Home                                                                                                         Go to Settings

                  Options                                                                                                        Network Connections

                  Device                                                                                                         Mobile Network

                  Advance System Settings                                                                             Enable Data Services

                  TCP/IP                                                                                                         Select APN and enter: http.globe.com.ph

                  Enable APN settings enable

                  Enter the APN: http.globe.com.ph



                  You may also refer to this site for step by step guide: http.globe.com.ph/help/guide