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    Taking a plan without a CC.


      Coming from a differet network postpaid service, I was wondering if I can take advantage of Globe's Postpaid service without a CC/Credit Card.


      I was thinking of the same method offered to me by S**, they allowed me to have their service for XX amount of months, however, I had to pay for the first 6 months  (in advance) of the service upftont/same day of my application along with the device installment. Afterwards, I was already an active subscriber.


      Is that also possible with Globe? The place I'm at here in Cebu is currently powered by Globe (Carcar City), apparently S**/S**** aren't that strong indoors.

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          Yes of course you can apply even without a credit card. A credit card statement is only one of the ways to prove your billing address and financial capability which are part of verification in the application method. There are several other documents to prove what is needed aside from a credit card and/or credit card statement.


          To increase Globe's financial leverage on the subscriber, Globe sometimes asks if the subscriber would be willing to charge all (present and future) financial obligations to their credit card as it would now be the credit card company which would go after the subscriber and not Globe anymore and this would in turn make Globe's work easier.


          But YES, you can pay in cash 6 months in advance just like the other network if you do not have a credit card..


          Another method if you do not have a credit card is to look for an existing Globe subscriber to guarantee for you. The guarantor would also be liable in case you default in any payments.


          All these methods are just assurances that Globe can be paid or would have the leverage in case the subscriber defaults.