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    Clarification about [email protected] and service availability


      Good day community. I was researching with different ISPs and I haven't tested the Globe wimax's capability.


      • First of all before I subscribe on their service, I want to know if I read it right, on the website,


      Tattoo Home Broadband WiMAX 1099 - 2MBPS
      Plan Type: Internet + LandlinePhp 1,099.00
      Connection Speed: 2Mbps
      Total Plan Cost Php 1,099.00*


      According to its usage it is UNLIMITED. But for personal convenience, I would like to know if there is ANY monthly capping?


      (Some other KNOWN isps offer "unlimited usage" and yet they will cap or pull your connection down if you reach 15GB of data or less. I am done with false advertising. I don't want to invest on something that my funds wasn't value for.)


      • Second question is the service available in our area? I live in Mahabang Parang, Angono Rizal. (In the website, it is available in ANGONO but will the service reach on our barangay?)


      So if Globe offers TRUE unlimited usage (without any data/bandwidth capping) and the service is a value for the money and availability on our area, then I won't hesitate to subscribe. EVEN on the fastest plan that they can offer.