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    New MyAccount Dashboard


      I think this was just recently updated and when I opened my MyAccount dashboard this morning, I was pretty impressed. Another "wonderful improvement" from Globe.

      Screenshot 2014-03-10 11.20.00 edited.png



      BUT I just hope that -

      1.  The account balance would be updated on a regular basis, i.e. every hour or every 15 minutes like in the GServices App.

      2.  The bills would be regularly posted, i.e. usually 6-8 days after cut-off.

      3.  Some contract information would be readily available on the dashboard, i.e. end of contract date and the handset availed if any, as it is conspicuously provided for in the account sub-pages.

      4.  That the "Pay Bill" option would be "more secured" when using a credit card.


      Except for my concerns above, I guess the MyAccount serves it purpose, at least for me, to be updated and monitor well my accounts.