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      I wish to wake up from this nightmare. This is just horrible customer service. Apparently, Globe has no respect for time and does not value customer satisfaction. I regret convincing my husband to choose Globe over PLDT. I did it out of loyalty for the network I have been using since 2000. I made a huge mistake. All we want is to be able to use the landline phone we pay for each month. There is no dial tone and all you hear when you lift the receiver is this annoying message that says “This number is temporarily out of service.” The first day we found out about it, we dialed 211 until our fingers hurt. The calls kept getting dropped. It was so frustrating! We had to wait until Saturday to go to a Globe service store to ask for assistance. Guess what they had us do? Dial 211. We spoke with a representative who assured us that she had created a job order for a technician to conduct an onsite visit the following day between 1:00 – 5:00 in the afternoon. We stayed at home and waited patiently. No one came. Some lady called after 6:00 to belatedly inform us that no one will be coming. When asked why no one made the effort to notify us ahead and had us wait for nothing, she disconnected the call. Someone representing Globe rudely ended a call! We later found out after many attempts to find someone to assist us through chat and phone support that our ticket was closed and tagged as resolved. Imagine how enraged we were! If something like this were to be done by someone employed in a BPO, that person will be terminated. This kind of action should not be tolerated! To add insult to injury, the onsite visit we specifically requested to be scheduled today, March 10, was erroneously set to March 11. We waited for nothing again. If we had not called 211, we would not have found out. No one can blame us for being mad, for being exasperated. This is just too much!

      11 March 2014

      This is the third day. I am just going to throw the phone away since Globe refuses to assist us. I will share my horrible experience with all my friends and relatives.

      12 March 2014

      Finally, a technician came over and fixed our phone. It took them four days to attend to a technical issue that only required a few minutes of their technician's time. We had to call Globe's hotline a million times. I had to resort to discussing the issue online. I sure hope they will follow through on their promise to refund us and to have a good chat with their representative who was rude and who deliberately closed a ticket for an unresolved technical issue.