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    How do I retreive MMS without an MMS configured device?


      Is it still possible to do so?


      I received an SMS from Globe recently about retrieval of MMS and it stated the following:


      From Globe: You have MMS from 63917xxxxxxx with Subject: , Your phone may not be GPRS/MMS - configured. For prepaid, you might not have enough load to receive MMS. To view your MMS, log on to http://www.globe.com.ph/getmms. Password is ____________. MMS msg expires after 24 hrs. For free GPRS/MMS settings text GO <handset model>, 1234 to 2951.


      The link would always have a page error...


      HTTP ERROR: 504

      Gateway Timeout



      The last time I tried to retrieve an MMS sometime last year (I seldom receive MMS), the same error occurred. Anyone experiencing the same thing?