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    Globe Postpaid Plan activation




      I availed a Samsung Galaxy S4 bundled with 999 Supersurf and a cash out of Php 11,000 last June 2013. I followed up 5 times for activation but it didn't get activated within a month. I also went to Globe Centers but all I get was to call the online team since they are the one that provided my phone. I also asked if the "online team" really existed because no one was activating my phone. They are just always escalating it to the "online team".  I used another sim for the phone since it's taking a long time. From time to time I insert the sim to see if it's already activated but only to see it's still not.


      Long story short, It's now march 2014 and the sim is still not activated. Another problem came up when my account was endorsed to Admerex Solution for bill collection concerns for not paying 6months worth of bill ( seriously, why should I pay?? I could have just let you blacklisted me on your network for the lousy service that I get). To maintain my relationship with Globe, I paid the outstanding bill worth 6k + reconnection fee worth 500, last Saturday, Mar. 08, 2014 and explain my concern at Globe Center in Megamall. I got another sim and my case was filed for approval.


      Question is:

      1. When will my sim be activated? Don't want to follow this up again for more than 5 times and still with no result.

      2. Will my payment be adjusted since I didn't get any service for the 6 months that I paid for?


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          I would think that the moderators would tell you that your concern is account specific and would suggest that you deal with 211 or livechat for your concern and would therefore close this thread.


          Before they do, I was wondering why you had to pay in the first place since it was Globe's error that your sim was not activated despite your constant follow ups.


          Nevertheless, demand that your payment be applied as advance payment for the 6 months starting on when Globe would activate your sim.


          I suggest even that you document your experience and write a formal letter together with your demand to Globe and have it duly received the old traditional way so it would hold in a court of law (which we hope would not go up to that extent).

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              Hi Sir,


              I'm thankful for your quick response. I'm even more surprised that you're not 1 of the moderators.


              Actually, when I visited the Globe center last Mar. 08, 2014, they insisted that the sim was activated and it was just closed again because of the late payments. I admit, that after 2 months or so, I didn't really check on it whether it was activated or not because monitoring that sim for 2 months was a waste of a great amount of time. They insisted that I have to pay first before it gets activated and they will file a report on my concern to adjust the bill.


              Still hoping that there are good and honest people in that company, I still paid my dues for it not to affect my other account with them (Landline + Broadband for 3 years) and hoped that my concern will receive the correct consideration it deserves.


              Also, I really get tired calling their hotlines because when I follow up an issue, some of the reference number get lost on their database. As an employee of an IT company, I really suggest they improve their Incident Management system but that is another issue. I think it's better that someone is calling me even everyday to update me on its status (I don't mind. I will provide a lot of time for you guys at Globe.) as long as I know that the issue is being followed up, being worked towards a resolution.


              My priorites are to, 1.) activate the new sim. 2.) and advance payment of 6 months since I was forced to pay just to activate that sim.


              Additional Info.

              The person at Globe Center Megamall branch told me that the sim was activated immediately after I received the phone (June 2013) which is not true because I was always endorsed to the online team since my status on their system was still not activated. (Unsynchronized database problems?)


              I don't really know now who should I contact that will really worked on this issue until it is resolved. Globe hotlines are not really working good enough for me. I've tried that almost more than 5 times. Should I try another 5 times more?



              Again, Sir ChitoReyes, thank you for reading my concern. I was really wondering whether this site is active or not.

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              Hi GlennO, hoping you can look into this matter. Account related information are included in the post. Thank you.

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                Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


                9 months? 9 months? I wonder what happened with this concern.


                Did you try to visit any Globe Store during the first month of waiting?


                Waiting for 9 months is too much.  If I were you, I will demand the termination of the creature who is in charge of the SIM Activation along with the creature's manager.


                Anyway, I hope your SIM get activated soon. And don't forget to demand an explanation and free subscription for at least six months from this network.


                By the way, I really wonder how you have waited for nine months.


                Have a wonderful hair day!



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                    Hi WILLfindways,


                    Yes, I did visited them within the month I received the phone. I was excited by that time to have my first LTE phone then months of still not being activated came and I just came to the conclusion, "what the heck?! our internet at the office is much better than any LTE service around" and decided to bury this issue to the ground.


                    It just irritates me that they didn't solve the problem and endorsed my account this month Mar 2014 to another team (Admerex Solution) for bill collection as if adding insult to injury was not enough.



                    Much much better!

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                        Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


                        I understand. If I may ask further, after your first visit to the Globe Store, what happened? Did someone from the Support Group called you? Did you visit them again for follow up?


                        I have had problems with SIM Activation last year. I think it (only) took Liezel diLim*, manager of Globe Store Glorietta, less than a week to fix the problem.

                        That's after my "Scream and Shout and Let it All Out" Act with the manager of Globe Store Alabang Town Center, Andrew diNicasio*.


                        I've read somewhere that we should try not to complain too much unless it's a matter of life and death or an issue that will make your life a little more difficult.


                        ¡Me da igual! If I did not complain, one of my account (for my Dad) could have the same fate like yours. If I did not complain too much, which I did with wonderful flying colors, I won't be enjoying a Free Air Boost (Signal Booster).

                        ¡Me encanta!


                        But I feel for you. I really do. I have still a pending issue with Globe Telecom about a Broadband account which was fraudulently fiopened using my name in 2010. I only found about it on March 2013 when I applied for a Consumer Line. I was asked to pay P11,000++!


                        ¡Sin verguenza!  ¿Estain loca?


                        Anyway, I hope Globe Telecom fix their problems in this lifetime.


                        Have a wonderful day!


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                      Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


                      Ano bey! wala namang external link/s ang post ko!


                      Bakit waiting for moderator approval na naman!


                      I deserve an explanation!

                      I deserve an acceptable reason!


                      Nakakasawa na din 'yan!