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    Re-contracting issue, no option for Samsung Note 3


      I have been a Globe subscriber for 5yrs now, and my lines contracts are about to expire. I was asking for Note 3, but they are didn't provide me with the option of Plan 999 + 800 on top of the bill for 24 months. Representative said, its for new subscribers only. I felt that I'm not a valuable customer. I asked do I have to cancel to get the Note 3, the representative said that is my option. Wow, I will need to go to the hassle of applying all over again to get Note 3. Then I checked Smart and they are giving it at 4k plus cash out it I go on plan 1800, while for globe they are asking for 9k cash out for plan 1799. Now, I'm thinking of cancelling all 3 lines i have with them.