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    Is anyone having issues with paying bills online?




                I recently paid my postpaid bill online using my credit card (March 9) on Globe's website. After paying I immediately checked my card's remaining credits online and I was able to confirm I was charged P436.00. The payment posted the next day and a confirmation plus the receipt was sent to my email as expected. However, a few days later when I checked my card's balance again, I noticed that I'm charged another P436.00.


                I already called my credit card provider and they confirmed that both charges are from Globe but only one was posted to my postpaid account so far. I also called Globe's customer service, the only resolution they provided me is to send a copy of my card's billing statement which will take time and is a hazzle on my part. Good thing my bill is not high. I'm not enrolled on autopay.


      Has anyone experienced the same problem?