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    DOTA 2 Ping Problem :(


      Hi! im a globe dsl 5mbps plan subscriber and lately im receiving a consistent 110-140 ping in dota 2 i just want to ask is this normal? im playing on SEA Server some people say average ping is 80-90 why is my ping this high its irritating to play. Pls Help me thank you in advance.


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          Normal na yang ping na yan. Pero kung noob ka, maiisip mo na disadvantage talaga yang ganyan ping. Play with bots ka muna. Di solution yung mababang ping kung noob ka.

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            saan location mo ralph ?

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              Ping is used to determine the length of time for your computer to receive the data it requested from the game servers. Having a high ping means that it takes a while for your computer to receive the data, making an MMO game undesirable to play. On the other hand, a low ping means a shorter waiting time and a smoother gameplay.


              There are a lot of factors that affect ping. These include:

              • Server geography - The physical distance between your computer and a game server affects how long the data will reach the other end of the line. If you live near a game a server, then you are very lucky!

              • Internet Service Provider (ISP) - Yup, your ISP also affects how high or how low your ping is. Different ISPs have different protocols and different routes. One may have too many intermediate devices (or hops) and may cause your ping to be higher and others may have fewer.

              • Network connection speed - The speed of your network connection affects the rate of data transfer between the devices. The faster your network connection speed and the lower your ping is, the better


              Steps to follow to determine what factor affects your ping rates.


              You mentioned you are connecting to SEA Server which called as SE Asia . There are 2 SEA servers that you could test located in Singapore which is ideally the best server to test geographically. With could not really conclude what causes it if you won't troubleshoot. As I'm saying (wag kang magtutoro kung sino ang salarin kung hindi ka nag imbistiga kung ano ang nangyari )


              How to Ping Game server, ISP, Network connection : In this way you could pinpoint who is the culprit or salarin.


              Test Dota 2 server ping rate: normal


              sgp-1.valve.net - SE Asia 1 (Singapore)

              sgp-2.valve.net - SE Asia 2 (Singapore)


              windows xp,7,vista:


              1:open command prompt on your keyboard press windows logo + R and type CMD or command .

                 once opened type mo  " ping sgp-1.valve.net -t " (without quotes) added space and -t to do a continuous Ping in this way makikita mo if there is a lag sa server connection if the PING rate goes up and down .if ping rate is too high malamang ma disconnect ka sa game. I think there is a range of ping sa dota na will let you stay connected. i'm not sure ranges from 80 to 150 ms .


              2: ISP Ping. test 

                  a) check first what is your IP address dito  www.whatsmyip.org

                  b) type this in the command promt "ping -t "  (without the quotes)


              check mo if ang ping sobra mataas. as per Globe tech normal ping rate range is 30-80 ms but it doesnt really reflect sa ping test sa command prompt. basihan mo lang.


              3. network connection ping

              Note: best to play gaming connected to LAN not wireless it will appear that ping results on wireless and LAN has a big difference.


              on command prompt type "ipconfig/all" (without the quotes)


              Perform the following steps when using Ping:

              1. Ping the loopback address to verify that TCP/IP is installed and configured correctly on the local computer.ping the loopback step fails, the IP stack is not responding. This might be because the TCP drivers are corrupted, the network adapter might not be working, or another service is interfering with IP.
              2. Ping the IP address of the local computer to verify that it was added to the network correctly. Note that if the routing table is correct, this simply forwards the packet to the loopback address of < IP address of local host >
              3. Ping the IP address of the default gateway to verify that the default gateway is functioning and that you can communicate with a local host on the local network.ping < IP address of default gateway >
              4. Ping the IP address of a remote host to verify that you can communicate through a router.ping < IP address of remote host >
              5. Ping the host name of a remote host to verify that you can resolve a remote host name.ping < Host name of remote host >
              6. Run a PathPing analysis to a remote host to verify that the routers on the way to the destination are operating correctly.pathping < IP address of remote host >


              Ran speedtest on speedtest.net and compare the ping results from step 2 (ping ISP) if ang ping rate ng Globe sa speedtest is mataas. call tech support at pa inspect and linya mo. do 3 test repeatedly to compare the ping.


              Refer to this related Topic . How to reduce game logging.

              Reduce Lag with these Easy Tips - WTFast.com Blog


              Hope it helps

              Happy Troubleshooting..

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                Hello ,

                          Sabi nga ni normal na ang ping mo. Ang Dota 2 SEA server kasi ay nasa Singapore(starhub) pa. Ang ibig sabihin nito ay malayo pa ang lalakbayin ng data mula sa pc mo papunta sa server at sa server papunta sa pc mo kaya mataas ang ping ng Dota 2 dito sa Philippines.


                          Kung naka connect ang pc mo sa wired or wireless router, I-try mong i deretso ang wire mula sa modem papunta sa iyong computer at i test ang ping  kung mas baba ito compara sa naka connect sa router. Kung malaki ang difference ay advisable na palitan mo ang ginagamit niyong router.


                          Make sure din na walang ibang gumagamit ng internet niyo maliban sayo at talagang tataas ang ping mo kung meron man.