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    New Installation of Tattoo @ Home (Plan 999 LTE - 3mbps)


      Hi Guys,


      The installer just installed Tattoo @ Home Plan 999 LTE and here are my observations while talking to them:


      1. They notice a good LTE signal inside my home (around 2-3 bars in the huawei device) but still I insist to install an outdoor antennae. After installing the outdoor antennae, signal is still 2-3 bars. According to them signal indicator is not important since I got a good latency when pinging internet site (google.com with ~80ms average)


      2. Speedtest.net result doesnt go above 2mbps. According to them, my service is just a standard service (upon installation) as Globe needs to activate first my account and that is the time that I will get what I subscribe


      3. This is just my clarification, Plan 999 LTE - 3mbps internet only -  have 7GB data cap daily (is this the right link - http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/products/home-broadband.html#plans)?


      Can anyone got a comment on this?