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      Hello guys, just wanted to ask if How will i change my wireless password for wifi? thanks a lot!

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          Subukan mo basahin ang manual ng device mo. O kaya, subukan mo ang Google. #RTFM

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            Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


            I hope you can share the (not so) smartphone you are using. Is it BlackBerry Z10?


            If it is a BlackBerry Z10, go to Settings then Network and Connections.  Under the Connectivity Services tap Mobile Hotspot. Tap Configure.  You may now change your Mobile Hotspot Password.  Tap Save.


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              Check mo yung Box ng device, nandun lang yon.

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                • If you're using an Android Phone, just go to the Portable Wifi Hotspot then change the password their.
                • If you're using a new Pocketwifi, go to the admin site by openning on your browser ( make sure that you're pocketwifi is connected to the device ie:Laptop/Smartphone ). Then go to the settings ( enter "admin" for the username and password ). Proceed to the WLAN Basic Settings. Change the Pre-Shared Key for the Wifi Password. Then Click Apply. Reconnect the devices by using the new Wifi Password.
                • If you're using an iPhone, go to Cellular then turn on your Cellular Data and Enable LTE, click on Personal Hotspot. Change the password on Personal Hotspot.


                Hope this will help @annepanuelos =)