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    location transfer - need expert help XD



      1. Can a location with full service for more than 3 years can suddenly be declared weak-signal location or even a dead spot?

      2. They (globe) says that home broadband wimax targets a specific tower for signal, do they have a personnel who can actually change or redirect the modem to a new tower?



      Beware, wall of texts!



      Our wimax original installation address is Bulacan. I think it was installed 2009, but since 2010 ive been using it in Cavite. So for more than 3 years ive been using it in a different location from where it was installed and was not having any problem. I didnt even filed a transfer of location for i dont even know that time that it was necessary cos everything is working fine.


      Then November 2013, I lost connection. We called the hotline and there i just learned that theres a need to file a transfer for location, which we did. During that time, we already had a 2nd wimax installed in our home in bulacan. It was taking too long, 1 month, that i cant wait anymore so i brought our 1st unit back in bulacan and tried it there. It works perfectly. So i switched unit with the 2nd installed in bulacan and tried if ill have a connection using the other modem. I was connected the whole December without any problems. Again, we didnt filed any transfer for location cos based on our experience, it took 1 month w/o action.


      Then start of 2014, i wasnt getting connected again using the 2nd unit.. I asked my sister to call the hotline to check if there was any billing balance or any other concern that might causing the lost in connection, and was told that she was even 6months advanced. She informed that the unit was in another location and told to file for transfer, she did. On the 2nd week of the year, my connection was back without any representative/repairman coming so we thought they already did their job. The following week, connection was gone again so we called the hotline, saying that we have to file for transfer, which means that i got the connection back w/o them doing anything. More than a month passed and after more than 20 calls/followups,  its 3rd week of February when a support group came to fix the issues. Those who came just connected the modem to my laptop, didnt got connected to the network, so they informed their base(?) that im in a weak-signal-location, in a place where ive been using it for more than 3years. So what they did is just cancel the transfer that i filed. Not even an advice on what we should do then.


      I tried calling again explaining all these things. They told me that wimax wireless modems now seeks and targets specific tower assigned to it to avoid congestions of users, unlike before that u can actually carry it around anywhere. Then it came to my mind to switch to LTE, so i called again for transfer of location and change on plan from wimax to LTE. I was calling for 2-3 weeks, almost everyday following up for my requests. Every calls asked for the information about the new location address, the plan im changing to, which i give them everytime, which shows that all those times im calling and infos given was not recorded even once!!! I even asked once a hotline rep if theres not a single record on my file for all the calls i made and told me there arent. So after this 2-3 weeks, they unfortunately told me that LTE service is not yet available on my location.


      They asked me if i was still to continue the transfer but would still be on the same plan (wimax 1099), just a transfer for location. I told them there was already a team before that came and was unsuccessful to fix the problem. I asked them, as the 1st support team that came told me, if there was a personnel that could somewhat reprogram sort of thing my modem so it could target the nearest tower to my place. I was told that all those infos ive given them this time and the request for someone to reformat/redirect my modem which they said there is, was forwarded to the team that would come to do the service and that team will know specifically which personnel to send.


      So after 10 weeks of no connection, they sent a new support team that did site visit. And like the 1st, they just connected the modem to the laptop, didnt get any signal, and declared again that im in a weak signal location. I was arguing with them that the hotline rep said that the person to come will be able to do some tweaking to my modem, which they told me such person dont even exist. They added that if that person even exist, the transfer should be done first before the repairman visit the new location and do some modifications, in this case the transfer was cancelled because declared weak signal. I told them that i even got a full signal connection for 2 days, 3days before they came. So a representative called me that same day, saying that theyll be doing all they can and check for alternative ways for me to be connected, which was 3 days ago w/o even a single followup call. The thing is, my location is in a commercialized and developed residential area so i think there are other users within the vicinity. Makes me wonder if all globe wimax users, which i dont know any, area having the same problem.


      Again, sorry for the wall of texts and thank you to those who cared to read lols. Just wanna share the full story XD.