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    disconnection, balance, case


      I applied for an internet connection August of 2012. It was installed on the same month. My representative requested for cut off of the service less than 1 year after because of the very unsatisfactory quality of connection. The agent in the office informed her to just finish the 1 year contract, unless we would pay more than 4 thousand. My representative again requested on August 28, 2013 for the cut off of the service. Yesterday, a certain lawyer sent a message on my number informing that I have a balance of Php 2443 and should pay within 24 hours,unless a case  would be filed in court.

      1. Should there be any form to be given to the costumer when requesting for cut off of the service?


      Their agents in the office said that it was disconnected because of unpaid due, when it fact we were the ones who requested for cut off because of the very poor service.

      2. Should there be a notice of disconnection delivered to the billing address?

      3. How can I file a formal complaint to the people responsible for this when I am the account holder but I am in abroad?

      Any reply answering these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi lexel... from your narration, your representative requested for the termination of Globe's services on August 28, 2013 due to unsatisfactory connection to the internet and to comply with the 1 year lock in period to avoid pre-termination fees.


          We refer on the following stated in the Terms and Conditions:




          7.1 You may cancel the Service at any time by:

          (a) giving us thirty (30) days prior notice (please note that you are required to give us this notice if you do not wish to continue to use the Service after the end of the minimum subscription period), otherwise we will continue to supply the Service to you and you will continue to be charged for the Service), or

          (b) giving us notice (whether in the form of a letter or a call to our Customer Service Hotline), if: (i) we breach a material term of this Agreement and we cannot remedy that breach, except if such breach was a result of circumstances reasonably attributable to you; or (ii) we breach a material term of this Agreement, which we can remedy, but we do not remedy that breach within thirty (30) days after you give us notice requiring us to do so; or (iii) due to force majeure.


          If we go strictly by the terms and conditions, your effective termination would be 30 days after you served notice to Globe, meaning, 30 days after August 28, 2013. That period would still be included and charged in your final statement of account.


          The question actually is, in the absence of any formal letter, notice or form filled and duly acknowledged by Globe, would you have any reference number which would indicate your desire to terminate the account which should have been given by the CSR or asked by your representative as proof of notice? If none, then Globe may assume that the suspension of service would be due to unpaid balances as the case is claimed by the CSRs you are talking to.


          Even with the amount indicated, what period would it represent? If it only represents the balance due until 30 days after August 28, 2013, then the amount is still valid and if not contested, would still be the amount due regardless of the reason. If this is the case, then their collection agency (represented usually by a threatening lawyer) would always bug you until you until they get tired of doing so. (they get a percentage of the collected fees if successful) or until you agree to pay the whole amount.


          You can file a formal complaint by writing Globe a complaint letter with the facts stated and your demand to rectify the situation and send it via courier service and have it duly received. Be sure to demand the proof of receipt from the courier service so you can use it in case your complaint gets elevated to higher mediation bodies. If you have issued a special power of attorney to your representative in the Philippines, then your representative could do the same thing in your absence.


          All these may not be necessary though if clarifications and distinct actions could be done through their hotline. Just document your conversation, get reference numbers and let the CSR repeat the actions to be taken for verification.


          Good luck.