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    Is Globe sharing its subscriber database?


      This question has always been kept in my mind since the deluge of SMS and calls marketing this or that product and I always wonder how those telemarketers know all my numbers (some numbers even unknown to my family and friends) and my name. Sad to say, my suspicion has always been that Globe or its personnel have been sharing this information specially those which are connected to the Ayala group to sell their products and services.


      This suspicion has even become stronger as my phone with a Singtel Kababayan prepaid sim which has a Singapore number which I keep always on despite it roaming in the Philippines, received a call from a Singapore number and a Singaporean lady marketer offering properties developed by Avida land! We all know that Globe's (an Ayala company) Philippine partner is Singtel and it is most probable that this information could just be leaked by Singtel in coordination with Globe. Note also that prepaid sim registration is compulsory in Singapore so my private information could only be accessed by Globe and Singtel.


      Though Globe and Avida are both owned by Ayala, those 2 are separate companies and have their own distinct corporate personalities.


      Is this an accepted practice of Globe? Just asking.

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          There are two possible answers:


          1) Moderators here don't know if there Globe co-employees do that or;

          2) They will just deny it.


          Have a wonderful day!

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              This is really annoying... Just yesterday, my SingTel prepaid roaming sim in the Philippines received several "Caritas Health Sheild" SMS from a Philippine number (+639075007860).


              I would understand a Globe sim sending to another Globe or TM sim because of those "Unlimited SMS" offers but a Globe sim sending to a foreign sim roaming in the Philippines? They get charged international SMS don't they? Or is there a way to bypass this using Globe's network?


              Please note that I do not use my Singtel sim in the Philippines and only my family members know about it. I however leave it roaming on an experimental basis.

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              ChitoReyes yes, these unsolicited SMS are very annoying.  Imagine, in just a matter of minutes since my new SIM was activated, a condo sale SMS came in and I did not even know know my own number yet.


              Random or not, reporting the numbers to Globe is an extra effort on the part of the subscribers and you won't even know if your report is being acted upon.  Globe should be able to provide an SMS or call blocker for free (an app?).  Not all phones in the market have these capabilities.

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                Hi ChitoReyes. The obvious answer here is No, Globe doesn't sell nor share any private information to external companies other than the use within Globe. Spammers are getting creative these days. In fact, we received the Caritas SMS as well (and in a pop up SMS style). So if they send it international, who knows, maybe they are using the same type of number as you are.


                Although Globe is part of the Ayala Group in the Philippines and Singtel Group in Asia, each company has its own data privacy policies.


                Apart from spammers sending to the a range of numbers, be careful also in sharing your numbers to other institutions.

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                    That's just it... I never shared my roaming Singtel number with anyone and the only reason I got it was to call my wife and daughter in the Philippines (from Singapore) and for surfing purposes in Singapore.


                    We have to remember that unlike in the Philippines, Singapore mandates that prepaid sims be registered so a random send by a Philippine based number would be very costly unless they know that the sim is already active. My other international prepaid roaming sims in the Philippines do not encounter the same problem... It is only the sim of Singtel.


                    GlennO, note too that the "Caritas" spam came from a Philippine based Globe or TM number and a totally different type of sim (or number) as my Singtel sim. As you see, I am being spammed both ways... from the Philippines and from Singapore by both Philippine and Singapore numbers.


                    Again, as i mentioned, a Singaporean number with a Singaporean lady voice was offering me a project of Avida land! The coincidence just made me very suspicious.