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      Globe has recently announceed their Yo! application that they can use with their internet. But I wonder if they can offer VOIP services. Like what they are doing with their Wimax that uses VOIP application to be used.


      It also want to suggest to have Globe to Inum numbers for free or of a fraction of cost for their subscriber to expirience fast, reliable and low cost call with wifi.As VOIP is getting sort of getting freeer and freer.

      As of the moment I use Callcentric, IPPI but I cannot use it from globe phone and or to Globe phone with lower cost. But if Globe can have VOIP services. The Roaming subscribers have a option to have a plan wih unlidata with free calls and text with other voip providers removing the limit of the distance of the call giving much better options.



      Also, I suggest globe to release Yo! Promos. Such as in Globe's Prepaid and Postpaid. Example Yo! can can have unlimited call to Globe Phones for about P599 (SuperDuo) as Voipinoy have these offer "Get the widest unlimited unlimited calls to any Globe/TM mobile phone nationwide for only $35 a month."

      Or have like a voipinoy but uses a Globe PH Numbers that we can have unlimited call to and text with your current promos