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    myRewards got dc and redemption date is near


      Was trying to check the balance of my Erp's cp hoping I could transfer all of his points to mine. After several attempts, I still haven't received any response from 4438 so I called the Cust Serv hotline to find out what was wrong with 4438.

      After telling the agent that I spoke with what I was trying to do, He then informed that my Erp's postpaid line was disabled from the myrewards (i don't know the technicalities why, what, and how that had happened) but 1 thing I'm sure of is.. we did not request that!)


      Now my worries are:

      1. Will my concern be expedited to the support group since the agent did not gave me any ref# for follow up.

      2. Will I still be able to share the accumulated 845 points of his cp# to my cp?



      Hoping to get an answer from a Cust Serv Rep.