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      My experience was so bad, really BAD. Man, ilang taon na den kame nakasubscribe sa globe then recently eto na ang pinakamatinde. Nadidisconnect yung internet connection, countless times sa loob ng isang araw. I just give a scenario to make everything clear. Nagbukas ako ng computer & internet around 9 in the morning then, going to shut it down by 11 am. I'm not making it exaggerated but it disconnects maybe around every 10-15 minutes (only surfing/idle). Just see to it that I only use it for only 2 hours after i got home from work. I already called the customer service TWICE and their technician came to our house TWICE also. Sabe ng technician, "OK" na DAW* kasi inayos na nila dun sa tinatawag nila na CABINET. Pero ilang oras lang ang nakalipas eto nanaman ang disconnection, sunod sunod nanaman. Palagay nyo saan ang problema?


      Karangalan, Pasig Area