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    iphone 5 tripping


      this is my second time around to complain what the hell with this phone?hindi na nmn xa nag on..i yried troubleshoot it but still.doesnt work.tried connect it to my desk top negative pa din.hindi pa xa nag 1yr pro sira na nmn..ginamit ko pa xa awhile ago to reply txt messages dn after that nag shut off na.natakot na nmn ako bka same prob ito last july last yr.ang tagal pa namn ng replacement ng globe..could anyone trying to help me with this prob?

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          melanie Have you tried pressing and holding the Power button and the Home button simultaneously?

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            hi melanie what kind of troubleshooting you've done except connecting to Pc ? have you tried to do Soft reset ? which is' your going to Press and hoLd the home button and on|off of your phone and wait for the apple Logo to appear or do some hard reset <Off the device and pull out the simcard and after 10 sec. put it back and try if it will gonna work ..if it doesn't work the only way that you can do is to visit globe store and bring your device there so that they can check it since it's within warranty for the repair.


            hope it will it

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                hi thank you so much for ur help na ok na po xa sinunod ko lang po yong instructuons nyo.natakot lang po ksi ako bka hindi na xa ma revive ksi super tagal pa nmn ng replacement ng iphone sa globe. ano po ba cause bakit nagka ganon po xa?natajot na tuloy ako gamitin yong i5 ko.. lablab

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                Hi melanie soft reset (pressing home button and power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears) is a first aid and usually would fix problems like yours.


                There are 2 things involved here:

                1.  the problem may be hardware-related, that means the unit is actually defective

                2.  software or OS-related which is the most probable cause.


                The iPhone usually heats up, especially with prolonged use of data or using the phone while it is being charged.


                If your phone would act up again (turns off by itself), try to bring your unit into DFU (Device Fimware Update) mode and restore.  But before you do this, backup all your data through iTunes so you can restore them later. You can restore after either as a new iPhone or from a most recent backup.


                Here are the steps in entering into DFU mode and restoring your iphone DFU mode to Restore: Apple Support Communities


                If this procedure would not resolve the auto shut-off issue with your iPhone, then your problem is already hardware-related and you have to bring it to Globe again for repair.