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    Globe Recontracting


      Hi Globe Community!


      Just wanna share my experience with Globe Recontracting. Last January 2014, I called Globe hotline to inquire about their Recontracting procedures and how much I should pay for their "pay-off fees" as part of the process, I was told of the amount and the agent kindly suggested to wait for a few more months since I only have 7 months more 'till my contract ends, and so I followed her advise.


      Come April 2, 2014, 7:00 PM, I called again the Globe hotline inquiring the same concern I had last January. I was told of the amount I had to pay, and I agreed. The agent transferred me to the Recontracting Department to facilitate my request. To cut this short, the transaction lasted for about 45 minutes. I got the iPhone 5S 16 Gb at Plan 2499. I even got a free 6 month GCash, which I am very excited about. The agent told me that I will be receiving a text and email confirming of my recontracting to them and another email that has the form that I needed to sign. I was told also that I will be receiving the iPhone 5S on April 4, 2014 between 8am - 5pm.


      "RECONTRACTING FORM": Since January 2014 I have been searching and searching for blogs, community threads and reviews for Globe's recontracting woes and I came to a number of sites that almost made me not renew my contract with Globe. I read that it took 3 months for them to receive their unit, some even received nothing. These contents had stopped me to renewing my contract with Globe. But since I can't change my number and I am quite happy with the services Globe is offering me, I called and renewed my contract.


      April 3, 2014, 11:00 AM, I checked my E-Mail, no Globe Forms. I called Globe Recontracting Department regarding this, the agent then told me that it's not necessary to print the form and sign it since I'll be the one to claim the unit when they deliver it to my house. She told that I just have to prepare 2 photo copies of my IDs, the "pay-off fee" and original copy of the IDs. I told her about the blogs and threads that I read online which made me not believe her. She said that she's sorry about that but Globe had already fixed this issue with some of their clients. I just assured her that my unit should be delivered on April 4, 2014 because I had to leave work just to have it. She made sure that it will arrive between 8am - 5pm.


      April 4, 2014: I woke up early, had breakfast and played with my nephew. Time during this day was too slow, it takes a lifetime. Come 11 AM, no iPhone 5S yet. I asked my mom what time she received her phone from Globe before, she said 1:30 PM after lunch it arrived na. As for me, I received my 4S 10 AM last August 2012. Anyway the agent told me to wait between 8am to 5pm today. So I had lunch, sneaked in a little nap, showered and had coffee at 2:30 PM. During my business calls at 2:45 PM, our door bell rang. I hurriedly came to the door and I saw this guy from Globe's courier, "Kay Sir ..... po?", "Ako po yun, sa Globe kayo?" I asked, the delivery guy and he said yes. I immediately invited him inside and offered him a drink, since it's scorching hot outside and I saw he still has a few units left for delivery that day.


      So, in short, I received my unit just in time the agent committed it to me. So, guys, this is just a story of what I had gone through to renew my contract with Globe. So guys, it's safe and don't worry. Just call Globe that they have to assure you that they will deliver it.


      Happy to be still with Globe. Just fix signal issues, though.