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    s4 sim card error


      hey guys i have a problem with my samsung galaxy s4, everytime i added new contacts on my phone "sim card error" happens..my sim card only get back to normal after rebooting the phone...anyone here experienced the same? pls help...

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          Kindly try to insert your sim card on the other handset to check if your sim will have again the same error even if it was on the other handset

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            Gail .

            Do you happen to notice any promts to reboot your device? Try sim and phone swapping for proper isolation. If the sim is the problem, you may ask for a new sim at any Globe Shops. If the handset is the problem, you may try first to reset your device to factory defaults. just make sure you have your data/files backed-up at Samsung Kies. If that still doesnt work you may (either if the two) {bring your device to Globe shops is it is Globe provided or bring it to any local technician if not Globe issued handset}


            Hope it helps.