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    iphone 5s/5c plan limit?


      Thank you masters(^_^) for answering my first inquiry about having a postpaid line. I have another question. hahaha.

      Is there a limit per plan? I mean based on the salary? and is having lte speed makes consuming the cap faster? thanks po :DD

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          King SC

          Yes, Your credit limit is based on your Gross Monthly Income.

          You can also check your Credit Limit on your billing statement

          And about the cap, It doesnt mean na kapag mabilis internet connection mo mabilis din mauubos 1GB/day mo.

          Depende parin talaga sa site na pinupuntahan mo . Consumption ng  3G is pareho lang sa LTE.


          Mabilis mo mareach yung cap kapag na temp ka na mag video streaming, downloading of massive files & etc. kasi nga mabilis connection mo. Got it?

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            it depends qng papano mo gagamitin ung data mo.

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