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      Why is it my prepaid sim' s roaming services is not working anymore?.. Ive been here in qatar for 6 months?.. What will i do? Do i have to load it in the philippines?.. Thanks for the advices..

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          Hi k842 Please be reminded that prepaid load credits has a validity for a number of days only depending on the last amount that you reloaded your prepaid account.

          Amount of Load                Validity Period

          P10 or lower                          3 days

          Php 11 to P50                         15 days

          Php 51 to P100                     30 days

          Php 101 to P150                     45 days

          Php 151 to P250                    60 days

          Php 251 to 300                     75 days

          Php 301- Above                    120 days


          Now, we have what we call the 2nd expiry for the prepaid SIM. Wherein Customer must reload before the scheduled 2nd expiry and make a chargeable transaction after reloading to keep the number active. If you failed to follow the 2nd expiry SIM will be permanently deactivated.

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              Hello.. I'm here in Germany at the moment. Before ako umalis ng pinas inactive ko yung roaming ko (I have 300 regular load) pero pagdating ko sa hongkong palang wala na signal at hnd ko din nagamit yung load ko :( eto yung reply nung globe nung pina activate ko roaming "Thank you. Your roaming activation request is confirmed. Please expect activation of your roaming service once you arrive at your country of destination. You must maintain a daily minimum balance of P100 to continue using your roaming service. To know if prepaid roaming is supported at your country of destination, please visit www.globe.com.ph. Globe reserves the right to terminate your Roaming w/o liability, should it detect usage in excess of remaining load, fraud, or any other patterns of abuse. Once roaming is active, your Ringback Tone will be deactivated.

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                  Hi amony

                  kung wala ka pa din signal, di mababasan yung load mo since wala namang pwede maging transaction pag walang signal. Advise ko na lang, try to do some troubleshhoting para makaroon ka ng signal. Try to do Manual Network Selection. (Network Operator, or Carrier) Select mo lang sa Manual tapos select ka ng mga Network operator abroad. Sila magproprovide ng signal para sa phone mo.. Sa Germany, you can select T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH, Vodafone D2 GmbH, E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG, or O2 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG