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      Just wanna ask, Globe Community(signed last March 31, 2014) is using HTTPS protocol and  and Globe's account portal for banking transactions. May I ask if your servers is protected for heartbleed. HTTPS protocol on Cloudflare network was completely secured now but your accounts.globe.com.ph and the community software on jive was not behind cloudflare. I wish you patch this us as soon as possible as Google, Facebook and other sites are finalizing their repair for the vulnerability.


      Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160, http://www.openssl.org/) is a flaw in OpenSSL, encryption software used by the vast majority of websites to protect sensitive information. This vulnerability in OpenSSL allows an attacker to reveal up to 64KB of memory to a connected client or server. This flaw could expose sensitive data such as passwords or usernames - even when you thought it was encrypted.


      I also prefer and advise you to say to the public that you also have the fix, faster than the other network so your subscribers can be safe and their identities on the system is secured and impenetrable by hackers


      Have a nice day